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How do we work?

Our work ethic is based on tradition, commitment, quality and our experience as specialists since 1965

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We have been offering our high-quality services since 1965 to companies selling costume jewellery, gift items, leather goods and complements. Plating Bijoux was founded by a family whose aim was to succeed by incorporating the traditional costume jewellery techniques of Menorca along with constant innovation to keep up with their clients’ changing demands.


We are committed to offering you an excellent service which boosts your sales. We strive to update our manufacturing and techniques so that we can always meet your requirements. Before manufacturing a product, we assign it with a manufacturing order so that we can guarantee that the pieces will be made and finished identically for further orders, and we deliver this within five to seven working days.


We always use high-quality materials, supplied by the trustworthy companies Atothec, Enthone Ibérica S.A., Hispana de Maquinaria, Metalor or Sempsa, and who all hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, all with LMBA certifications. We check the pieces on arrival, and throughout their manufacturing process to the finished product. We also carry out at least one analytical test per week. We assume responsibility if any of your pieces are damaged during the treatment process.

Special solutions for our clients

We work solely in costume jewellery, gift items, leather goods and complements at a high specialist level. Our finishes for both large and small productions comply with your specification and requirements, and are adapted accordingly with careful examination of each model to determine the best manufacturing process. If the finish that you require does not feature in our brochure, we will create it for you.

We offer you

The best of our long-standing tradition since 1965, with commitment, quality and specialization techniques thanks to our:

  • Four different lines of production:
    • Two-line frame system for large or delicate pieces.
    • Rolling machine to dip chains.
    • Tumbling machine for small pieces.
  • Coating processes that give an even and bright finish.
  • Manual or machine polishing.
  • Lacquered "e-coating" which lasts longer.

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